Vermouth 20cl

Vermouth 20cl

Alcohol percentage : 17% Content: 20 cl

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Brouwerij Verhofstede is a family story that already harmonises old and new flavors since 1885.

Stephanie Jaeger (yes, a woman!) bought in 1885 the ancient brewery, located in the Waasland. Shortly afterwards she married Julien Verhofstede, who became brewer. Since 1934 was also made lemonade. In 1942 the brewery building was erected. Eugeen followed Julien and brewed together with his son Stefan to the sixties only top-fermented beer. The third generation - Stefan and Christiaan Verhofstede - built the company into a traditional liqueur factory. Now start the enthusiastic fourth generation in the family business.

And that generation shows their ability with this excellent vermouth!

The basis for the vermouth is a quality Spanish liqueur wine. Here they added a range of spices and 100% natural sugars to it. The result is a vermouth with a full and robust flavor and a soft, long finish. Although it does taste sweet, you are aware of a touch of bitterness at the end.

It is perfect as an aperitif, possibly adding a few ice cubes and a zest of orange or pink grapefruit.

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