Wilderen Double You Gin

Wilderen Double You Gin

Wilderen Double You Gin, distilled, bottled, labeled and sealed in Brewery & Alcohol Distillery Wilderen Double You Gin 43.7% Alc. - Bottles of 70 cl.

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This gin is made with 21 different vegetable and local herbs, added in secret combinations. Amongst other juniper, hops, rose, blossom, coriander... and many others. The result is a spicy bouquet and a distinctive taste perception, as complex as an angel and a devil on your shoulder... The angel symbolizes consciousness and is always accompanied by a Devil which represents temptation ...

Just like the character of this Double You Gin, a well thought through spices selection that you simply can not resist! The inner conflict of a strong character...
Black as the devil, pure as an angel ...

The stir stick in the glass should always be a licorice stick, that's why each bottle is accompanied with four sticks of "old candy"! A true taste explosion after first nibbling the licorice stick and then to stir into the mix of Gin & Tonic.

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