Wilderen Kriek

Wilderen Kriek

33 cl

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Wilderen Kriek is based on lambic from Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste and was launched in 2012. Omer Vander Ghinste is one of only two breweries that produce lambic outside the Zenne valley in the Brussels region.

The cherry is deep red in color and contains 25% cherry juice. It therefore contains natural aromas and has a very fruity character. Original copper stills are also used in the brewing process.

The old brewery tower with open cooling basin is used for the spontaneous fermentation of the lambic. In the cask hall, where the wooden barrels are stored, the lambic ferments for at least a year and a half in vertically placed barrels.

Wilderen Kriek is the lightest brother of the Wilderen beer family, making it the perfect summer thirst quencher. Like the Wilderen Goud and Tripel Kanunnik, this is a product of artisan quality that demonstrates its craftsmanship and does not have to resort to extremes.

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