Beer Mustard - Mustard Wostyn

Beer Mustard - Mustard Wostyn

225 gr.

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Spicy tradition - who tastes Mostaard Wostyn for the first time, immediately knows this is not just any mustard. It is super finely ground from exquisite dark Brassica Nigra mustard seeds, hence its extraordinary aroma mustard flavor. This mustard is prepared from brown mustard seed, ground between granite stones, which explains its fine structure and color. The mustard seed is first broken, then stirred and ground.

The beer “Den Ijzeren Arm” is a four-grain triple with a deposit of barley malt, wheat malt, oats and rye malt. This full-bodied triple has mainly spicy aromas of Wostyn mustard seed and fenugreek and a fine bitterness of the Challenger hop. In addition, the dry hopping with Styrian goldings enhances the spicy and floral aromas.

It is a beer of 9% alcohol with refermentation in the bottle.
"Den Ijzeren Arm" is a creation of 't Brugs Bierinstituut.

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