cherry juice

cherry juice

50 cl

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100% pure

Immediately after harvesting, we transport the cherries to the press. The cherries are washed in clean water and the seeds and any stems are removed. The cherries are pressed with a negative pressure press. This press uses an innovative technique in which natural flavor and nutritional values ​​are maximally preserved. Thanks to this pressing technique, the healthy properties that are naturally present are guaranteed to be preserved in the cherry juice.

Fruit juices in which cherry juice is present, such as apple-cherry juice, make use of frozen cherries, cherry puree or even concentrate. The cherry juice content is often also limited to a minimum amount to only achieve a red juice color.

100% taste

Our cherry juice contains only pure cherry juice, without additives, such as sugars or preservatives. After pressing, the juice is pasteurized so that it can be drunk for 2 years without loss of flavor or nutrients. After opening, keep the cherry juice best in the refrigerator and you can safely keep it for another 7 days.

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