Flavor Package Belgium Small

Flavor Package Belgium Small

Luxury gift box (the print of the box may differ from product images)

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1. Antwerp hands (200 grams)
2. Haspengouw apple juice with cherry (70 CL)
3. Ghent noses (200 grams)
4. Hasselt speculaas (300 grams)
5. Tungri regional beer (33 CL)

6. Brussels Ketjep (300 ml)

* Documentation about the region and the story behind the craft / regional product / regional producer

* Extra tastings / samples

* Participation in a Bed and Breakfast stay competition

Gifts to staff on the occasion of Sint-Niklaas, New Year, Christmas, birthday, etc.

Deductible up to EUR 35.00 (incl. VAT) on an annual basis per person. In addition, a gift of EUR 35.00 (incl. VAT) on the occasion of Sint-Niklaas or another party of the same social nature (eg child's birthday) may also be deducted for each dependent child of the employee.