Jelloow Aais

Jelloow Aais

250 ml.

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KUU special drinks want to be an alternative to the usual soft drinks. With a wealth of flavor, supplemented with natural juice or extract and no needles. Beer lovers can enjoy special beers. For those who choose something different and for "bobs" there are now the "special drinks" to taste. Nice and refreshing.
The bottles got a “cool” look. Hard black in bright colors, phonetic text in a text ball. Written as you say it. Drunk as you are. FOR REAL.

Bold design? Why not!? Where do the “special drinks” come from? From Limburg! And we are proud of that!

YELLOW ICE - soft drink with elderflower extract: ingr: water; elderflower extract (sugar, water, elderflower, lemon juice); preservative: sorbic acid.