TRIPEL K blond

TRIPEL K blond

33cl - 7,5%

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As the owner of a natural grocery store in Hoeselt, that carries a clover as its logo, the inspiration to create a triple beer came to me a while back. The idea was to add this special yet common plant as an ingredient. With the help of a good friend, a first batch was brewed, and it was positively welcomed by a number of test subjects.

We are very proud to announce the new beer!

The result is a unique clover-infused special beer, Tripel K.


Tripel K is a complex gold-colored beer with a soft, sweet taste, a balanced bitter aftertaste and a full and creamy foam head.

Belgian hops from Poperinge and a blend of spices create typical floral and spicy aromas.

The clover

The gold-colored clover on the graceful Tripel K glass is one of the oldest lucky charms: the leaves of a three-leaf clover stand for faith, hope & love.

Share happiness with friends and enjoy this unique clover-infused special beer, Tripel K.


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