Coffee Kàn Mocha Espresso ground

Coffee Kàn Mocha Espresso ground

250 gr - ground

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Selected Central American coffees with a Brazilian base and a Honduras for the body, become a crumbly dessert blend that lends itself perfectly to a mild espresso.

Aroma of the Mocha Espresso

A perfumed play of contrasts between subtle and bold, soft and determined. There are the hints of nuts, but also accords of yellow fruits such as apricot. Never intrusive, but perfectly and innovatively combined.


Savory and powerful, full of southern spice. But not harsh or bitter at all. You get a modern, daring harmony between the tartness of rhubarb and the sweetness of apricot, the light acidity of young wine and the warm power of sandalwood. A delicious creation that wonderfully results in a creamy espresso, with a long finish that hides an uplifting bitterness.

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