Elixir Antwerp eggnog

Elixir Antwerp eggnog

20 cl - 17,7%

Speciale prijs 8.25 €8.25

What originally started as an experiment resulted in a delicious new liqueur, with a subtle flavor balance between fresh egg yolks, Elixir d'Anvers and Esprit Elixir d'Anvers.

The particularly pleasant Elixir d'Anvers Advocaat is a silky, smooth lawyer liqueur with the characteristic and characteristic taste and aromas of Elixir d'Anvers. It is something unique!

Drink Elixir d'Anvers Advocaat neat, or as a side dish with a delicious cup of coffee. Or combine Elixir d'Anvers Advocaat with vanilla ice cream, pancakes or cake. An artisan delicacy!

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